Monday, June 17, 2019

Brenda & Tom Butler 43 Freure Dr. *
Barb & Mel Perrotte 15 Hardcastle Dr.
Monika Riverston 41 John St.
Diane & Rick Simpson 72 Churchill Dr.

* NOTE: Please visit 43 Freure Rd. first if you wish to purchase/renew your membership or purchase a Nightly Pass. 

Brenda & Tom write: We moved into our home as a new build in November 2012. First beds at the front of the yard were put in 2013.  Side yards were added in 2014/2105.  Back yard items were added in 2016 after the house behind was built and the lot was graded.   The ground cover gardenias added in 2017.   Last year we added a walkway garden along the driveway with lots of creeping thyme.  Overall, the gardens are quite young and are a work in progress.  One of my favourite things is the weeping Julianna lilac at the front by the driveway.  When it is in bloom, the scent fills our house and the front yard.  My favourite garden statues are the two large terra cotta warriors that guard the front porch.

Barb & Mel

Barb and Mel have lived here for 6 years. When they decided to replace the driveway, they found that the lawn was full of grubs and decided to replace it with gardens at the same time.  They replaced the soil and planted an assortment of trees, shrubs and perennials including Rose of Sharon, Tri-Colour Beech, Korean Lilac, Spirea and Boxwood on the north-west side of the property.

Japanese Maple, Blue Spruce, climbing roses and day lilies fill the smaller front garden on the north-east side of the driveway.

A fenced gravel walkway with pavers leads to the back.  The garden along the side of the house is filled with hosta, day lilies and peonies.

In the back, gardens edged with the stone surround the perimeter. The stones all were found when the ground was being dug up to put the garden in, when the fence was being installed and when the driveway was being done. The gardens are filled with Day Lilies, Hostas, Rose of Sharon, Climbing Rose, Peonies, and an assortment of Annuals, Perennials and herbs. Enjoy the gardens on this beautiful property!


Monica This century home sits among gardens filled with shrubs, perennials and mature trees.  Monika has been adding some of her favourite trees including a Crab Apple and Star Magnolia.

Hostas are a favourite of Monika’s and she brought some of her collection when she moved. Many different varieties can be found in the gardens and when they are mature enough, she likes to sell them to other gardeners.

Stone and brick have been used to form the paths, walls and sitting areas throughout the front and back yards. On the north side of the house, there is a wood deck and tall fence where honeysuckle vines and vegetables have been planted. At the back, a private sitting area is protected by the dappled shade of a large honey locust tree.  A hill planted with Weiglea and False Spiraea faces the street on the south side of the property providing more privacy.

The garden continues to evolve as overgrown shrubs are trimmed back and hostas and other perennials, shrubs and trees are added. Enjoy your visit as you stroll through this beautiful garden retreat

Diane & Rick  have lived in this home for 43 years. When they arrived it was a blank slate which they have turned into a beautiful woodland garden over the years. In the front there are mature Maple and Crab Apple trees which shade the front garden. The front and side gardens are filled with perennials and shrubs with a stone path that leads through to the backyard.

The back yard is enclosed with many mature trees including some white and pink Rose of Sharon trees. Further past the formal gardens is a wood lot with walkways, a bridge and fairy and “Alice in Wonderland” doors in the trees. The formal garden is primarily a “spring” garden with bleeding hearts, forget-me-nots, peonies, irises, tulips and other spring flowers plants.

Many bird baths, bird houses and wind chimes can be found throughout the private secluded garden areas. As you stroll along the stone paths in the gardens, look for tree stumps have been turned into bird houses and other hidden garden décor.  Enjoy your visit to this beautiful private oasis in the heart of the city.

Please do not park in the driveway – street parking is available on Churchill and DunDonald.