Monday, July 8, 2019

Brian & Sylvia Perchaluk 186 West River Rd. *
Carole & John Frost 96 Ridgwood Cres.
D'Arcy & Maureen Rousseau 8 Aspen Ridge Court

* NOTE: Please visit 186 West River Rd.  first if you wish to purchase/renew your membership or purchase a Nightly Pass.

Brian & Sylviamoved into this home 3 years ago and started trimming back the overgrown trees, getting rid of weeds and dead shrubs, building fences, a shed and a tree house for their granddaughter. Stone and gravel paths were installed with thyme planted in between to give a wonderful scent when stepped on.

Many yards of soil were brought in to build the gardens in front and back. In front a long stretch of lawn leads up to the house and front gardens. The front is a sunny location with lots of roses, new tree peonies, holly, delphiniums, lilacs and clematis. A special magnolia and weeping beech found in the front garden were brought from their former home.

A fence with a wrought iron gate and trellis leads to the backyard. Mature maples shade the side yard and gardens are filled with woodland shade loving plants. At the back, ivy has been planted along a chain-link fence that will create a living wall backdrop when filled in. A wood deck and stone patio are found at the back of the house giving Brian & Sylvia ample room to entertain outdoors.

In memory of the apple orchard behind their previous home, a four variety apple tree has been planted. A veggie and berry garden has been established in a sunny corner and a fish pond with a fountain can be found on the deck.  There is so much to discover on your walk through their gardens – enjoy!

Carole & John have created a beautiful design in the front yard using different coloured stones. Amongst the stones, a variety of perennials and annuals including ornamental grasses, prickly pears, caster beans and geraniums can be found. Driftwood and large stones have also been strategically placed in the landscape.

Stepping stones on one side of the garden provide a pathway to the backyard.  The entrance to the backyard is shaded by a large magnolia.  A new garden by the house has replaced a bed of ivy that was removed.

A large Lilac and a pond with a fountain provide a focal point in the backyard. The other focal point is a new garden planted with gold and green cedars and highlighted with blue glass rocks. Driftwood provides further décor to the gardens.

The back fence is lined with mature evergreens and ivy ground cover. The ivy was started from just 2 plants that Carole bought when they started the gardens. Now it provides a ground cover for the entire back of the yard. Many different perennials and shrubs can be found in the gardens including cedars, grown from seeds and placed in pots on the deck by the house.   A woodland garden under the evergreens contains ferns, Chinese lanterns, periwinkle and variegated gout weed that Carole keeps under control by pulling and cutting. The area between the houses as you leave the backyard is filled with river rock and pots of ferns.

D'Arcy & Maureen have lived in this home for 24 years. In that time, they have created beautiful gardens around their home but lately, overgrown evergreen trees were blocking their view and have been removed. This has allowed them to rejuvenate the gardens on either side of the pergola in the backyard. They have also replaced a stone patio and vegetable garden with new gardens in the back.

Before (left) After (right)

Island gardens in the back are framed by grass pathways that curve between them. The gardens feature mature crab apple and magnolia trees. Japanese maples can also be found in the back along with other shrubs and perennials including Spiderworts, Japanese Heath and Veronicas. The pergola and mature weigela shrubs shade a patio outside the back door. Peak around the corner of the house to find a secret woodland garden filled with ferns, trilliums, jack-in-the-pulpit, holly and variegated dogwood.

Before (left) After (right)


In the front, the grass was removed to make space for gardens are filled with a variety of shrubs, ornamental grasses and a large blue spruce that provides privacy from the road. River rock and mulch alternate as ground covers in the gardens and a wooden garden swing on a stone patio gives them a place to relax and enjoy the gardens. Take some time to enjoy your stroll through their beautiful property!