Monday, July 29, 2019

Catherine & Richard Hunter 39 Cassidy Court*
Jonathan & Cinzia Costa 1007 Elgin St. N.
Roland & Kate Brack 23 Glendan Crt.

* NOTE: Please visit 39 Cassidy Court first if you wish to purchase/renew your membership or purchase a Nightly Pass.

Catherine & Richard have lived at this property for 21 years. In this time they have created an amazing backyard oasis with ponds, rivers and abundant flower beds. Foot paths allow you access to all the gardens while a metallic fountain gives the soothing sound of water to the area. There are many perennial plants including their favourite Hibiscus and huge Caster Bean plants give structure and provide a focal point in the gardens. Catherine also grows many plants from seeds for the gardens- an inexpensive way to fill the beds.

Catherine and her husband make a great team, he takes care of the hardscape and she takes care of the gardens. The combination has produced this wonderful piece of paradise

 Jonathan & Cinza write: Hi there, some info about my garden, it's a 3yrs old garden, comprised of some native, but mostly tropical species, such as elephant ears, palms, succulents and cacti. I am a”zone pusher “, so I have some tropicals in ground year round which I protect in winter. My main feature is my Windmill Palm (trachycarpus Fortunai). It’s been in ground for about 2 winters and I build a protective shelter around it. It is heated using halogen spotlights and surrounded by insulating panels. I also have a musa basjoo (Japanese fiber banana plant), also kept in ground, protected by straw and a tarp. I enjoy the challenge and the real rewards in summer, as I am one of the only to be able to have a palm tree in my back yard. All my other tropicals are pretty tender so they are kept in pots but put in ground during the warm months. For me it's like having a slice of the Tropics in my own backyard 🙂

A couple of years ago, Roland & Kate removed one of two large mature blue spruces at the front of their home. A year ago this spring the other one was removed. This has made way for a beautiful new shrub and perennial garden filled with Roses, Russian Sage, Hydrangeas, Agastache and Lavender to name a few. The driveway side of the garden is edged in mats of Thyme and a Cedar hedge provides a cool green backdrop at the back. Accenting the front door are planters filled with annuals in contrasting hot and cool colours. An interesting shaped trellis on the garage wall has been created from re-purposed gazebo parts to hold Roses. Violets carpet parts of the gardens as ground cover.

Shade in the side garden is provided by two tall Viburnums. Perennials and shrubs including Hostas, red-twig Dogwood, Spirea, variegated Solomon Seal and Ligularia fill the gardens lining the side path.

In the back, Cedars, Red Bud, and Rose of Sharon trees have been planted around a large deck off the back of the house to give a private retreat. A focal point of three free standing trellises holding climbing Clematis is found at the centre of the yard. Climbing Roses grow on one side along with a Diablo Ninebark, Tiger-eye Sumac and a Lilac tree. After removing several trees at the back fence, a wild flower garden including pink-blooming Milkweed has taken over. On the far side Black Elder and False Spireas shrubs fill the space.

I’m sure you will enjoy all the plant and colour combinations that Kate and Roland have used throughout their lovely English Cottage Gardens on your visit!