Monday, July 30, 2018

Craig & Kari Beitz 450 Blair Rd. *
Kati & Ron Bujna 44 Newman Dr.
Dave & Nancy Hammond 11 Hawthorn Dr.

* NOTE: Please visit 450 Blair Rd. first if you wish to purchase/renew your membership or purchase a Nightly Pass.

Craig & Kari write: We moved to this house in March of 2017. The gardens were already established and in fairly good condition. There are a variety of plants that flower throughout the year. Some of the varieties that you will see include Echinacea, sweet woodruff, many varieties of hostas, hydrangeas, trumpet vine, caragana arborescens standard, rudbeckia , yucca, cranes bill, water iris, viburnum, weigela, honey suckle vine, daisies, lily of the valley, bee balm, purple leaf sand cherry, and many more!

We have been working hard to get grass growing in some of the shady areas of the yard. The pond with its water feature creates one of our favourite places to relax.

Unfortunately, we lost all of our fish this winter and are continuing to learn about the pond and how to keep a thriving environment for its inhabitants. We have many animals and quite a large variety of birds that visit the pond for a quick drink or bath. We even have some resident ducks that use the yard for nesting along with the pond. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Kati & Ron write: We moved to our home in Galt 5 summers ago and from the day we moved in to today...we love every different nook and cranny of our landscaped lot...for different reasons and seasons.

From the front right we have our “jungle”...a mix of exotic coloured trees from Sumach to a tiny pink flowering one that I don’t know the name of...and amongst these grow fern, ground covering evergreens and elephant eared hostas...all with a river rock bed running through it.

To the front left we have our manicured gardens anchored by our mature Austrian pine trees sitting higher on a mogul that provides a little privacy from the road as well as a visual connection for me to Northern Ontario and my Dad - who owned his own evergreen tree farm out by Arthur, Ontario. The garden bed that flows around the evergreens and wraps itself around the left side of the house is also home to a variety of clematis, lavender, hydrangea tree, yuccas, lilies and more...sweet, colourful flowers that I’ve forgotten their names…

At the right side of the house, visitors are welcomed by an Asian inspired trellis-gateway made from bamboo that opens to a path leading to our backyard gardens surrounding our inground pool. We are very very grateful for the century old linden and maple trees that fill in above the good neighbour fencing and that host visiting squirrels, chipmunks, blue jays, cardinals, hummingbirds, orioles, chickadees and the occasional racoon family. The east-west sun provides sunlight from dawn to sunset...and makes for a very hot and secluded nook on the other side of the pool - that is fenced by honeysuckle that blooms all season from May to November frost, a pergola draped with a mature wisteria vine, happy daisies, a lone rose bush AND a blooming pear cactus protected by tall decorative grasses....the backyard pool area gardens especially attract butterflies, bees and dragonflies.

We love our little paradise...every season brings its colour magic. In the winter we have beautiful garden views of snow covered evergreens and hydrangeas on which we leave the dried snowball flowers. (I like to hang Christmas lights amongst the bushes and the colours come through the transparent tissue-like flowers.)

Dave and Nancy have lived in this home for 17 years and have continued to update their gardens through this time. In the front there is a graceful garden design using negative and positive shapes between the grass and garden areas. A beautiful Corkscrew Hazel occupies a central location in the front bed with a large mature Japanese maple closer to the house. Clematis has been trained to climb up the front porch pillar and covers it to the top in the summer. There are many other interesting shrubs, trees and perennials to check out as you tour the property. Check out the rubber mulch used in the front beds – some of it is 5 years old!

 In the back, a new stone patio has just been installed. Mature holly shrubs fill one side and an apple tree provides fruit and shade on the other. Ground covers, perennials and shrubs fill the gardens that surround the perimeter of the yard providing a wonderful view from the new patio.