Monday, August 12, 2019

            Pete Beggs          44 Freure Dr. *
            Pat & Wayne Heffernan          8 Freure Dr.
            Liz & Dave Bradley/Neal          76 Alderwood Cres.
           Randy & Heather Watson         103 Fourth Ave

NOTE: Please visit 44 Freure Rd. first if you wish to purchase/renew your membership or purchase a Nightly Pass.

Pete: Due to bad weather, we had a poor turnout last year on Peter’s open garden night so he a graciously agreed to open his garden again this year for the tour. Hopefully we will have better weather on his evening this year!

Peter’s garden surrounds his home which is on a corner lot. Gardens even cover the boulevard areas right up to the road. The front yard is filled with evergreen and deciduous shrubs in contrasting colours that attract your attention. The back yard garden entrance gate has been surrounded with a whimsical wrought iron structure and flanked by a pair of stone dog statues giving the yard a grand welcoming entrance. Wander along the paths through the gardens and discover beautiful garden décor and a comfortable sitting area amongst the mature trees and plantings.

Pat & Wayne write: In 2010, we moved into our new home, one of the Highland Ridge community of homes in west Galt.  Wayne played with landscape design using computer software, but it needed the expert touch of a designer to integrate the elements, soften the lines and create a flow from one area to the next.  The design is low maintenance, with a Japanese theme incorporated throughout.

The front features a stone landing beside the driveway bordered by bushes and shrubs.  A row of hosta borders the far side of the house.  A stone pathway to the right of the garage leads to the backyard.  Follow the path through a dry creek bed with mountain rock to a tranquil rest area with a bench.  Opposite the bench is a garden shed with a traditional curved roof shape.  A vegetable garden occupies the space along the rear fence.

Behind the house and stone patio,a row of large limestone boulders creates a raised garden area.  There, a mixture of grasses and trees serves as a winter garden and provides a beautiful view during long, cold months.  On the far side, a small fountain, formed by drilling through a rock emits arelaxing, bubbling sound.  An arbour of the tori shape leads out of the patio.

In the Japanese tradition, water symbolizes renewal, calm, wonder and continuity while stone symbolizes longevity and the forces of nature.

We hope you enjoy our small Japanese urban garden.

Liz & Dave write: Our Garden is Five Years Old, mainly Japanese Style, with Water Features, Boardwalks, many Japanese Sculptures, Rock Gardens, Oriental Lilacs, Wall of Clematis/Wisteria and Lanterns.

Heather & Randy  have lived at here for 19 years. Recently they have removed overgrown evergreens at the front of the house to make way for new perennials and shrubs. The garden at the front of the house is framed by 2 tri-colour willows and filled with a variety of perennials.  Annuals are planted at the front of the garden to give colour throughout the summer. A butterfly stand holds a teapot that is filled with bird seed for the smaller birds. By the street, under a mature maple tree, a garden has been planted with ground covers to keep the garden low and allow a view of the other garden and house from the street.

Randy collects hostas and has over 100 plants of at least 70 different varieties in the gardens. A shaded side garden filled with hostas leads to a stunning view of the backyard. A deck off the house frames a swimming pool and the rest of the yard is terraced with steps and paths leading through the gardens. A stone wall carpeted with Creeping Jenny around the deck holds the first level of the terrace.

Many trees, shrubs and perennials including a beech, magnolia, tri-colour willow, burning bush, lilacs, red bud and weigelas can be found as you wander through the paths in the gardens. The many different varieties give colour throughout the seasons enhanced by annuals planted along the wall. At the other side of the house, a raised vegetable garden has been installed where a solar blanket for the pool once resided. A covered pergola overlooks the pool and provides a shady spot to relax.

You will also notice lots of garden décor as you wander through these beautiful gardens on your visit. Enjoy!