Monday, August 19, 2019

Miranda & Paul Sousa 1867 Shellard Side Road.*
Elaine Martin 1261 Dundas St. South

NOTE: Please visit 1867 Shellard Side Road  first if you wish to purchase/renew your membership or purchase a Nightly Pass.

Miranda & Paul have lived at this property for only 7 years and have created an incredible haven from a blank slate. Each year they add another garden and last year they planted 70 trees to provide screening from neighbours and the farm out back.

The house is set back from the road with a view of rolling hills at the front. There are many mature trees and a variety of shrubs that add texture and colour to the front entrance.  A beautiful shrub garden greats you as you enter the driveway.

They created a stunning patio in the back yard under the dappled shade of a mature Locus tree. They call it the love tree because of the intertwining of the trunks.  Gardens filled with perennials weave around the patio and night-time lighting makes it a magical place to be.

Please drive in the south entrance to the property and park diagonally at the top of the drive. To leave, you can go around the back of the property and exit on the north driveway

Elaine: This home is one of the oldest in Cambridge and North Dumfries. This Georgian style home was built in 1832 and has been modified by adding an extension at the back about 15 years ago. The gardens have been created in the last 5 years and reflect Elaine’s love of the culture and landscape of southern France.  The gardens are French Peasant Gardens – which she discovered on her trips to Provence - in villages where folks actually live . A French Peasant Garden is a more casual & very artistic version of a French Potager - and not formal at all - as you might find with the gardens at the Chateaux in the Loire Valley for example.

Basically - you plant flowering shrubs, perennials, herbs and veggies in the garden together in an artistic manner - colour blocked. For example - in the section of the garden where burgundy foliage is a feature with lavender and crimson flowers - you would plant egg plant, red lettuce, beets etc. Similarly in the section with yellow & purple blooms - you would plant yellow tomatoes not red!

Elaine will share more details about her gardens when you tour the property.

Elaine runs a Floral Studio called From the Potting Shed and a gift shop out of her home. Elaine has offered to have her gift shop full of garden plants and décor open for our tour. Maybe you will find a treasure to take home with you.

Have a look at the following link to see a tour of her gardens in June of this year: