Sauerkraut Workshop

Lacto-fermentation is a traditional method of processing and conserving foods that has been used in every culture around the world for thousands of years. Lacto refers to a specific species of bacteria called Lactobacillus. Some popular foods that are fermented are: pickles, sauerkraut, sourdough bread, olives, cheese, yogurt, vinegar, soy sauce, tempeh, chocolate, coffee, beer […]

Sourdough Recipes

 Basic Sourdough Starter Ingredients:2 cups all-purpose flour 3 tablespoons sugar1 envelope active dry yeast (1 tablespoon)1/2 teaspoon salt, if desired2 cups warm water (105F, 40C)Directions:     Makes 3 to 4 cups.In a 4- or 6-cup plastic pitcher with a strainer in lid or in a large bowl, combine all ingredients.Beat with a wooden or plastic spoon. […]

Corn Gluten Meal

Compiled by Sue Flinders-Adams, Haliburton Master Gardener Corn Gluten Meal (CGM) is a natural byproduct of wet-milling corn during the production of corn syrup. It is used in the production of taco shells, pet foods, corn chips and animal feed. A 20 lb bag treats 1000 sq. ft. Corn Gluten Meal is both a pre-emergent […]

Plant Sale & Exchange and Gardener’s Yard Sale

 Plant Sale/Exchange * Gardener’s Yard Sale  at Ferguson Cottage Friday  May 10  5:00 – 6:30 pm. Plant exchange drop off Drop off donations for Gardener’s Yard Sale Saturday May 11  9:00 – 11:30 am. Plant Sale & Exchange Gardener’s Yard Sale